$1,000.00 USD

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90 Minute Team Mastermind Session

Get your team (up to 50 attendees) together for a motivating and interactive 90-minute mastermind session.

Work with Aaron to customize a topic specific to your team. Includes marketing flyers, social media posts, and communication before and after events.


Host your event on Zoom: $1,000 Flat Fee

Host your event in person (within USA): $5,000 Flat Fee. This option includes a half day of Aaron's time (2 ½ hours) plus Aaron's travel costs.

To sign up for an in-person event, mark the checkbox at checkout. You'll pay a $2,000 deposit today and the remaining $3,000 a month prior to the event date.

What People Are Saying:

There are many sales 'systems' today that offer expensive monthly programs that are nothing more than get rich schemes. Rather, Aaron's methodology is transparent, practical, and proven to be effective.

John L.

Aaron Hodson’s Sell Well coaching is a game changer. He gives you hard truths about how to hone in on your contact list, practical advice on how to manage your calendar and make the most out of each work day, and real time marketing and prospecting training that will grow your business now. He really focuses his training on how to become a listing agent and farming expert. He provides dialogue and templates that can be easily converted with your information. He is real with his wins and losses. The training is worth every penny. By far the best I have received in all my years of real estate. Grateful to have the experience and the life long lessons. 

Tiffany P.