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Summer Pop By Ideas for Realtors with Printable Tags

marketing Jul 26, 2023

Summer can be a busy and chaotic season for you and your clients alike. If it feels like your clients are ghosting you, a small pop-by could be a perfect, inexpensive gesture to get them rethinking about real estate. 

Plus, why not have some fun with it? Check out our budget-friendly ideas below and help your clients conquer the summer. Make sure to read to the end to download your free, printable note templates! 

For Clients with Small Kids

Water Balloons

What’s the best part about water balloons? You can never have too many! Grab a few packs of Bunch O Balloons and make a tired parent’s day. If you’ve got clients or contacts with pools, opt for the reusable kind. Their pool filter will thank you!

Note Idea:

ūüéąūüĎč Pop-ping by to say hi – because a little balloon-filled fun can brighten any summer day! ūüĆü


Good news: bubbles are ideal entertainment for human and dog children alike. Plus, unlike water balloons, they cause minimal mess. 

Note Idea:

“Floating by to say hello! Enjoy some bubbles in the sun.”


For *Anyone* During a Heat Wave

SPF Packets 

These individual SPF packets are great for keeping in a diaper bag or a car console. They come in handy when your clients least expect it, and along with sun protection, they'll remind your clients how badly they want to move! Just like you planned it.

Note Idea:

"Protect your home from the scorching market with a little SPF! Enjoy the summer sun while I handle your real estate needs”


Electrolyte Packets

Keep your clients hydrated with these individual electrolyte packs. They are useful and tasty — and the perfect affordable pop-by to make a client's day.

Note idea:

"Stay refreshed in the sizzling market with a dose of electrolytes!"


For Anyone, Anytime


When all else fails, drop by with something sweet. Grab a few of these bags for your “famous” fresh-baked cookies (break-and-bake works, too) or put some candy in a lovely gift bag. 

Note idea:

"Serving up a batch of sweet appreciation! Thanks for being a client and friend."



Popcorn is another budget-friendly and fun pop-by idea. Summer movie nights just got a major upgrade. Plus, the pun practically writes itself...

Note idea:

"Popping by with a kernel of appreciation! I’m here for your real estate needs.”



If all else fails, you’ll always brighten someone’s day with a succulent. These also go beautifully in a closing gift basket, so add a few to your cart while you're at it.

Note idea:

“Here's a little succulent to brighten up your home while I help you thrive in the market. Let's grow your dreams together!"

 Ready to bring these pop-by ideas to life? Click here to download your free note templates!