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Open House Checklist for Realtors

Essential Open House Supplies Every Realtor Needs

author: katy peer marketing May 08, 2023

Hosting an open house isn't as simple as unlocking the door and plastering a smile across your face. If you want to make a great impression on the sellers and any potential clients who may walk through the door, you'll want to put your best foot forward. That means making a list and checking it twice. This blog post will outline exactly what you need to consider when prepping for an open house. 

Gather your signage

The first step to a successful open house is getting foot traffic through the door. You'll want to strategically place signs with clear information (date, time, address) around the neighborhood. Here are some great options to have on hand: 

Open House Signs with Stands

If the home is in an urban jungle, there may not be grass to accommodate traditional open house signs with stakes. These signs feature built-in stands to place on concrete sidewalks, parking lots, or driveways. 

Traditional Open House Signs

You'll also want to keep a stock of traditional open house signs on hand. These black ones feature a sleek, modern style. While these red signs will stand out in even the busiest of settings. 

Indoor Signs

Last but not least, you'll need signs around the home to direct visitors towards the bathrooms, call out any important notices, etc. Rather than tape a piece of paper to a wall, print your signs on nice paper and place them in frames around the home. That way, you aren't taking away from the allure of the space. If the wood option below doesn't match the home's aesthetic, try these simple clear frames for a minimalist approac

Set the scene

There's a lot you can do to make visitors comfortable, and it goes beyond providing bottled water. Here are a few suggestions for setting the scene with candles, door mats, and booties. 

Door Mats

Why not bring a door mat that works over time and asks your guests to remove their shoes? There's a cute, cheeky option below or a simpler, straightforward version here. Either way, shoes off equals happy seller


Providing booties for those who would rather not remove their shoes is a small gesture that can make a big difference. With the blue booties below, you can grab 100 for just $9.99. These are twice the price, but are less of an eyesore.

Door Stops

A door stop is one of those underrated items that can make all the difference. Whether there is a ghost door that seems to randomly slam shut or you just want to get some fresh air circulating on a hot day, it's great to keep a few simple ones on hand. If simple isn't your style, we highly encourage a conversation starter like the one below.


Let's face it: some homes could smell better. Bring your own candles to ensure guests are met with a pleasant aroma without ruffling any feathers in the process. This candle from Voluspa is a guaranteed winner or here is a candle specially created for homes with pets. Expert tip: this smoke odor eliminating candle will come in handy more than you know. 

Set up your tech

With so much of our business online now (even our calendars and cameras), you don't want to be caught without your phone or tablet working correctly. Here are a few must-have tech products to keep in your kit.

Portable Speaker

A little music can go a long way in creating a calming or lively atmosphere. If the home doesn't have a great sound system in place, it may be useful to have a portable speaker (or two) in your open house kit. The waterproof version below is easy to throw in a bag, or here's a high-end option to conside.

Portable WiFi Hotspot

Picture this: you arrive at an open house with your computer, eager to get some work done between visitors. Just then, you discover there's no signal. Not only can you not use your computer, but you can't stream music or access your calendar. It's a disaster. Show up prepared for anything with this handy portable WiFi hotspot.

Portable power bank 

What's even worse than no WiFi? A dead phone. This portable battery bank is easy to use and will come to the rescue at open houses and beyond. 

A few miscellaneous items to consider...

From cleaning up before and after the open house to taking safety precautions, here are some final odds and ends to consider. 

Cleaning Wipes

Not only are you expected to make sure the home is clean upon guests' arrival, but you'll want to do some cleaning after you've said your last goodbye. Remember: you want to put your best foot forward, and that means making sure the sellers don't come home to a mess. Always keep a pack of wipes on hand like the ones below. Here's a more natural alternative.

Portable Stool 

Don't underestimate the portable stool! From reaching for something in a top cabinet to hanging a sign, a stool might just be the most unexpected yet useful item on this list. The below option is collapsible, while this one can be folded flat.

Business Card Holders

Open houses are fantastic for meeting potential clients. Be sure to display your business cards to pass out as you introduce yourself. The copper holder below features a contemporary, luxe feel while this colorful option adds a little pop. Want to go simple? This clear one lets your cards do the speaking.

Personal Alarm

Last but not least, it's important to consider your own safety while hosting an open house. This alarm is small but loud, and easy to throw in your purse just in case.   

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